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Montero Medical Missions

Providing Healthcare and Humanitarian Needs Worldwide

Montero Medical Missions provides and creates sustainable healthcare projects for physicians and allied health professionals with international roots; sharing blessings and healthcare with their fellow countrymen.

"Sharing medical knowledge throughout the world."

Your support also helps MMM recruit and empower expatriate physicians and allied health professionals in the United States to become involved in sustainable health care projects in their home countries all over the world and for our veterans in the domestic front.

Dr. Juan Montero

President and Founder | Montero Medical Missions

Donate to Leave a Lasting Impact

Helping others in various parts of the world is a tough road. This depicted in our logo- the journey of a person in the path of helping others can be downtrodden and tough. But at the end of that road of service to others is an incredible feeling that you have been involved in something bigger than yourself. That joyful feeling that you have made a difference!

Leave your impact on domestic and international gaps in healthcare and humanitarian needs! We appreciate your support of our efforts to create sustainable health projects here and abroad. Your contribution will change lives!

Montero Medical Missions (MMM) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3)] tax-exempt status, faith-based and interfaith international humanitarian organization, wherein our belief in God is expressed in the heart of our actions and reflected in our deeds.

Help Us make an impact around the world

Montero Medical Missions is an international and domestic medical humanitarian nonprofit founded by Dr. Juan Montero II as a platform for physicians, dentists, allied healthcare professionals and operational specialists to unite for creating lasting impacts.

Veteran Health

Helping Veterans with TBI and PTSD

Veteran Dental

Providing Dental Care to Veteran in Need

Eyesight Philippines

Providing Eyecare to Filipinos in Need

Prothesis Philippines

Providing Prosthetic Services to Filipinos in Need

Floating Medical Clinic

Providing Medical Services During Disasters

Mongolia Dental

Providing Dental Care to Mongolians in Need

Our past, present and future missions are located around the world as well as within the continental US.

What is Montero Medical Missions

We are a unique nonprofit that combines foreign and domestic talents in medicine, healing, humanitarianism, operations and logistics to create sustainable projects around the world as well as within the US. We are the only organization of this kind that allows volunteers and donors to apply to join a mission in experiencing the joy of serving.

Why We Need
Your Support

At the heart of MMM thinking is that all humans deserve a dignified life of health and healing. Even in the middle of challenging times, most people are willing to help their fellow citizens of the world. Most cases they are not sure how to go about accomplishing that goal besides financial help. They also want to contribute using their talents, expertise and specialized knowledge they may possess.

We are one of the few nonprofit organizations where not only anyone can donate, but also can choose to participate in our missions at various parts of the world. MMM has created the unique platform for people to unite from healing professions, technology and operations come together to deliver the gift of healing in focused manner.

Our Beginnings

Montero Medical Missions was founded by Dr. Juan Montero II, who immigrated in 1966 from Mindanao, the Philippines at age 24 as a post-graduate trainee in surgery at DePaul Hospital in Virginia. Following his training as a surgeon at the University of Virginia Medical School, he settled in Chesapeake, VA to practice his medical profession. What followed was several decades of serving the communities of Southeastern Virginia using his surgical skillsets at local hospitals and clinics.

Dr. Montero became aware of lack of medical care in rural areas of Virginia whether in the low-income families or migrant workers laboring in the fields. He also became deeply involved with nonprofit Physicians for Peace as a trustee and started to spearhead missions at various locations around the world.

Dr. Montero felt the inner calling of giving back to society and humanity as he became aware of the blessings of a good life he was bestowed with a beautiful family in four good sons getting educated in their fields in medicine, law and culinary art. He first established Chesapeake Care Clinic in the early 90’s with the help of his physician friends and a local bank, then recruited numerous medical personnel as volunteers to staff the free clinic serving the community. Within a short number of years, this free clinic became self-governing and well-run so that Dr. Montero relinquish the supervisory role to start a new nonprofit organization to give back in larger scale within the US, the Philippines and other countries where extreme lack of medical care causing sufferings.

This was the starting point of Montero Medical Missions (MMM) by Dr. Montero to unite people from all walks of life from medical, surgical, dental, allied health and operations backgrounds to execute his vision. The good doctor became acutely aware that there were pockets of extreme lack of basic medical care domestically and various parts of the world. MMM was created to address these extreme needs with careful planning, execution and work toward a more sustainable planet.

Did You Know?


of veterans currently have ptsd or tbi




Filipinos have undiagnosed eye problems


Typhoons and storms hit the philippines each year

Our Missions

No organization can achieve big goals without careful assessments, planning and implementation strategies. Our goal has been to break down our work domestically and globally into specific missions that can be tracked for impact and sustainability.

"With an all-volunteer executive board, advisory board and various volunteers, we have been able to maximize for investments into the missions’ work and minimize the administrative costs."

Here are some breakdowns of how we use funds:

Domestic Projects


International Projects




Executive Board

Having a diverse board of directors and advisors is critical for a nonprofit to grow and create impacts in the community they serve. At MMM, we have attracted a large number of subject matter experts and specialists to help us plan and execute our missions in domestic front as well as the global front.

Our executive board has drawn talents from all walks of life and specialties of expertise to strengthen our mission planning and execution.

Executive board: Back row- Reid Barber, Louis Costa, Kevin Hubbard, Jason Lawrence. Front row- Vince Medina, Kim Painter, Juan Montero II, Tedi Kiser, Shane Roddy


Here is what our supporters have to say about working Montero Medical Missions.

"I’m proud to support Montero Medical Missions, and hope that you’ll join me in this spirit of philanthropy, all over the world and here in the US serving our veterans. Without them, we couldn’t celebrate my adopted country in the same manner."

Linh Truong

MMM Supporter

Help Support People Around the World.

Whether you donate money or attend one of fundraising events, anything you can do to support our missions can save lives. ​